Saturday, November 9, 2013

Shake It Up ends the final episode:Remember Me

Well friends tomorrow is the final episode of Shake It Up all good things must come to an end friends. Shake It Up had a good 3 years run with all of its great laughs and a great cast such a Bella Thorne, Zendaya Coleman, Kenton Duty, Roshon Fegan, Caroline Sunshine, Buddy Handelson, R Brandon Johnson and Adam Irigoyen. I and many of the fans will miss the great times the cast gave us during these 3 years and the show will be missed. But we know it is not the end for there is great things in store for the cast ahead to share their many talents with us in the future. I would like to personally like to thank all the cast for the many laughs over the years and it is my prayer from the bottom of my heart that you guys go far. So for the final time lets hear it for Shake It Up and give the cast applause for a excellent job well done! Sh Sh Sh Shake It Up!

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  1. The cast, Davis and Buddy will always be in my prayers, Chris.